Friday, 20 April 2012

The Never Lands

I was sat flicking through a few of the photos I have littering my laptop, attempting to tidy up folders etc. And became overly nostalgic for Amsterdam. I had hit the album holding snapshots of our visit last October for my Mum's 50th. For the millionth time I thought 'why on earth am I not living there.' I was born in Landsmeer and my Papa and Grandparents live there still. I have a feeling of contentment when I'm wandering (always lost, my directional abilities are shot) by the canals. My Dutch is shabby at best, although incredibly it seems to improve after a few halves of Heineken and I do love England but there is always a feeling of longing attached to the harbour scenes of Vollendam and the algae covered canals.

I think I had just got my 50mm lens for my 22nd birthday when we went on this trip, a few of the images I must have overlooked because on a second delve a few were quite special. I dug them out and did a bit of editing. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure! Please be sure to link back if you do use any of my images!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


After a busy year as a graduate, much of it completely unrelated to art! I have decided to revisit this space and finally post a few bits of work which I had missed out on uploading during the stressful trials and tribulations of university. Its always good to have a look over where I've been and hopefully work out where I'm headed! Unfortunately it was near impossible to document my actual degree show piece. So instead I'm aiming to fill in a few gaps here and there, starting with a revisit to my second year.

When exploring the notions of 'Kitsch' and 'Twee' I created an installation with suspended items which held memories and fell into either definition. You can read about the themes and ideas behind it here

On finishing the animation, I attempted various ways of displaying it to an audience. Its repetitive nature made it difficult to watch as an ordinary animation, resulting in me eventually breaking the animation up into 4 separate parts, and back projecting them into an old wooden dolls house's windows.

This animation has an interesting similarity with a piece I created in 3rd year, which was chosen for an exhibition for 'Gatehouse Live,' more about that in my next post!

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