Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nostalgia, a funny thing.

As a person who battles with herself on a regular basis, I find it very easy to dismiss work especially when it has recieved critiscm. I'm an overthinker and a sporadic creator, disorganized, hopelessley romantic, all in all an artist through to the bone. My obsessions with old books spark, I think from a hunger for literature which I had as a child. My imaginary dinner party would hold guests such as roald dahl, quentin blake, gulliver from lilliput, the insects from james and the giant peach, the famous five, alice and of course pantamilion and Lyra. These are images from my fondest projects, one that I am really just coming to terms with almost a year later. The creation of an entire world inside one musty boot. I hope you enjoy my crazy meanderings. Any questions, please ask I will be flattered.


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  1. I am completely fascinated with books as an art form. maybe a natural extension of the sketchbook. I've been creating them loose, then binding them together after the story is finished so that each page is a random product of the environment of its' creation (rather than uniform and prebound). They've become observation-based thought drawings....

    I like your creatures, how they feed on the words and forms on your pages... how they seem to manifest a hunger of consumption for the characters...

    nice to meet you


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