Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Searching for a place

I have been absent from this blog for a long time, placing me all the way in third year now. I'm currently 7 working weeks away from my degree show, the very thought igniting the fear of god into myself and my peers. I originally started this blog as a kind of visible process from the beginning to end of my degree, hopefully highlighting successes and failures, areas of research and exploring my practise in a slightly more public sense. Unfortunately I pushed this blog to the side and now when I am in dire need of all the above I can't turn to this address for help. I decided it was important for me to begin placing some past and current work up here once again, in order to re establish my position which is currently feeling a little confused.

To describe all the happenings since the beginning of this university year would be impossible, one of the most significant 'happening,' would be my discovery of 16mm film, a medium which has completely seduced my romantic side and has had me sat with metres and metres of film trying to make sense of it all. Here is my first ever 16mm film, developed and processed myself. I projected this onto a false ceiling using a mirror and placed a bed beneath it.

The obscured vision gained by this work is due to a slipped lens hood, admittedly this was entirely accidental however the effect was really quite poetic within the context it was installed in. The film looks to be a vision seen from behind eyelids, producing questions about reality and dream. However at this point I was having to manually feed the film through the elf projector, which is completely absurd in any exhibition circumstance, so this led me to research possibilities in looping the film.

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