Friday, 20 April 2012

The Never Lands

I was sat flicking through a few of the photos I have littering my laptop, attempting to tidy up folders etc. And became overly nostalgic for Amsterdam. I had hit the album holding snapshots of our visit last October for my Mum's 50th. For the millionth time I thought 'why on earth am I not living there.' I was born in Landsmeer and my Papa and Grandparents live there still. I have a feeling of contentment when I'm wandering (always lost, my directional abilities are shot) by the canals. My Dutch is shabby at best, although incredibly it seems to improve after a few halves of Heineken and I do love England but there is always a feeling of longing attached to the harbour scenes of Vollendam and the algae covered canals.

I think I had just got my 50mm lens for my 22nd birthday when we went on this trip, a few of the images I must have overlooked because on a second delve a few were quite special. I dug them out and did a bit of editing. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure! Please be sure to link back if you do use any of my images!


  1. hello again Becky
    Strange that I should find myself on your blog again as I am planning a trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam at the end of May. I will say hello to your home country for you. Best wishes

  2. Oh thankyou so much Kirsty! So odd, I'm now managing an antiques centre! I'm sure it would be a treasure trove for you and your practise!


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